About Us

The Edible Group International is a multi-approach food consultancy. We use our years of industry experience to deliver training and advice on issues as diverse as food allergies to renewable energy.

The assessment and training arm of the business is called Edible Info which deals with food processing, preparation and delivery inclusive of allergens and standards.

Edible ECO focuses on energy profile and carbon reduction by means of site review, monitoring and innovative technology.

Finally, Edible Education is all about teaching people about the benefits of making healthy food choices.

About Us Edible Group

Angela Highton

Angela heads up the Edible Info side of the business and is a highly experienced and qualified nutritionist.

Specialising in food allergies, Angela teaches pubs and restaurants on how to welcome and cater for guests with challenging dietary requirements.

By delivering excellence, Angela believes businesses can gain a loyal following of brand ambassadors.

Angela delivers projects to help hospitality businesses to improve every aspect of their operation. From fire exits to nutrition labelling, Angela helps clients to take their business to the next level.

With her extensive experience across the food industry, Angela uses her nutritional training and commercial expertise to provide practical advice on all things food.

But that’s not all as Angela also heads up Edible Education which provides quality training courses to help people to make healthy food choices.

About Us Edible Group

Dave Skeels

Dave Skeels heads up the Edible ECO side of the business. He has worked in the environmental energy sector for decades. His career began when he and his father developed a world leading recycling technology to remove waste streams via microwave agitation.

In 2009 Dave moved into renewable energy and has since helped deliver commercial and domestic renewable energy projects.

These green energy projects have been across a wide range of sectors, including: farming, manufacturing, catering, education, hospitality, logistics and pharmaceuticals.

Dave and his team of industry experts pride themselves on delivering the right technology for each and every client.

Edible ECO is able to offer a wide range of solutions, starting with green energy and low carbon strategies. Dave can then advise on practical steps, such as solar panels, energy meters, lighting and heating.

The process begins by understand how a building “lives” and finding improvements to lower energy bills and carbon emissions.